The Services We Provide

Executive Search

Strategy setting

Strategy setting

- Personalize our services to the Company’s needs.
- Gather company, market, sector, and competition information.
- Job description and mandatory Candidate qualification criteria identification.
- Position and package definition.
Search process

Search process

- Direct contact with relevant qualified personal contacts.
- Market search to identify qualified non-active job seekers.
- Database to evaluate already available potential candidates.
- Social Media to further expand the search opportunities.
Selection process

Selection process

- Pre-interviews to assess profile correspondence and initial interest.
- In-depth interviews with interested Candidates meeting the required profile.
- Short List submission to Client.
- Interviews with best-fitting agreed Candidates.
- Reference check for the selected Candidate.
- Assistance in contract terms negotiations and final offer.


- Follow-up on Client-placed Candidate satisfaction after three months.

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